Short Papers

Day 3: June 10th 2010


Geometry and CAD/CAM

Chair: Jianmin Zheng


SP02: Cube : a multi-view localization framework for 3D object analysis in computer vision applications
Steven Verstockt1, Glenn van Wallendael1, Sarah de Bruyne1, Chris Poppe1, Peter Lambert1 and Rik van de Walle1.
1. Ghent University - IBBT - ELIS - Multimedia Lab, Belgium

SP12: Globally Anisotropic Quad-dominant Remeshing
WeiPeng Zhu1, ChengYing Gao1, XiQuan Shi2 and XiaoNan Luo1.
1. Sun Yat-sen University, China
2. Delaware State University, USA


SP13: Developable Mesh Surface Approximation by Normal-Guided Deformation
Long Zeng1, Ming Chen1 and Matthew Ming-Fai Yuen1.
1. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

SP14: Progressive Wavelets Compression for 3D Models
Chong Zhao1, Hanqiu Sun1 and Kaihuai Qin2.
1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2. Tsinghua University, China


Physical Simulation

Chair: Enhua Wu


SP15: Simulation of angiographic contrast agent propagation during virtual endovascular interventions
Yingtao Wang1, Vincent Luboz1, Derek Gould2 and Fernando Bello1.
1. Imperial College London, UK
2. Royal Liverpool Hospital, UK


SP16: Edge collision detection in complex environment
Thomas Jund1, David Cazier1 and Jean-François Dufourd1.
1. LSIIT - UMR 7005 - University of Strasbourg, France

SP17: Adaptive tetrahedral subdivision for finite element analysis
Daniel Burkhart1, Bernd Hamann2 and Georg Umlauf3.
1. University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
2. University of California, Davis, USA
3. HTWG Konstanz, Germany


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