Past Conferences on Computer Graphics International

CGI (Computer Graphics International) is one of the oldest computer graphics conference in the world. Founded in 1983 as Intergraphics in Tokyo by Professor T.L. Kunii from University of Tokyo, it has continued as Computer Graphics International conference for the following years and has been held in Japan until 1988.

In 1988, for the first time, CGI moved to Switzerland and since then the conference is organized yearly and is held all over the planet. In Leeds in 1989, Singapore in 1990,at MIT Boston in 1991, Tokyo Japan in 1992, Lausanne, Switzerland in 1993, Melbourne, Australia in 1994, Leeds, UK in 1995, Pohang in Korea in 1996, Hasselt in Belgien in 1997, Hannover, Germany in 1998, Canmore in Canada in 1999, Geneva, Switzerland in 2000. then 

This conference has invited prestigious speakers and since a couple of years, the accepted papers are published as journal papers in the Visual Computer, published by Springer Verlag. The paper selection is very high and only 20% of the papers are accepted as journal papers. This shows that CGI conference has a high academic impact.

CGI is very well known about all researchers among the computer graphics community. This year, it is held in Singapore and it organized locally by the Institute for Media Innovation (IMI) located at the Nanyang University of Singapore.